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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Penguin Style May 2010 Cheats and Tips

Welcome back to PCPC, guys! I decided to make a cheats site again, and Laura told me to bring back PCPC. Now, here it is, with a little help from my friends.
There are a few cheats for this month's catalog. Let's look over them.
The first cheat is directly on Pages 5 and 6. It is a Green Dragon's costume for 1000 coins! Remember last year, with the Blue Dragon costume? Now, you can only get this one. Be sure to wear the blue one to annoy people!
On Pages 7 and 8, if you click the red curtains near the Damsel on Page 3, you can receive the Beautiful Braid for 400 coins, and the Emerald Dress for 500 coins.
Next, go on pages 13 and 14, and if you click the RIGHT (not the left, the RIGHT) coffee cup, you can get the Red Viking Helmet. Who doesn't want to be a Viking during the Medieval Party?
If you click the Red Viking Helmet box 4 times, you can receive...
Gadzooks! I have no idea what Gadzooks! means! :D
The next item is on Pages 15 and 16, and it is the Green Face Paint for 15 coins, which you get when you click the pink dance tile directly under the girl dancing on Page 15. Isn't that irony? 15 on 15?
On Pages 17 and 18, if you click the cups I squared, you can get the Top Hat for a cheap amount of 350 coins! Club Penguin merchants sure know how to strike a bargain!

Next cheat is pretty simple, go on Page 19, and click the part of the video camera I squared. You will get the Dazzling Blue Tux for..850 COINS! HOLY SMOKES!
On Page 21, click on one of the trees that the brown penguin is drilling and you will receive...the Cocoa Bunny Ears for 250 coins. And yup, the Clearance pages JUST began. Phew....
Click the farthest up tree point on page 22, and receive the Pom Pom Scarf for 250 coins.
Finally, on page 24, there is...lots of old backgrounds. C'mon, Club Penguin...if it aien't broke, don't fix it!
Now, I am stressed to realize I have to post the June 2010 cheats! GAAAAAAH!

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